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Thursday, April 25, 2019

African Heritage

You can have all the Faith you want in Spirits and the hereafter, heaven and hell, but when it comes to this World, don't be an idiot, because you can tell me that you put your Faith in God to get through the day, but when it comes to Cross the road, I know you look both ways.

"The pre-colonial history of African societies – and I refer to both Euro-Christian and Arab-Islamic colonization – indicates very clearly that African societies never at any time of their existence went to war with another over the issue of their religion. That is, at no time did the black race attempt to subjugate or forcibly convert others with any holier-than-thou evangelizing zeal."
(Wole Soyinka, 1986 Nobel Lecture: 'This past must address its present)

Children of Africa , we are lost 🌍😭.
Most especially now, these religions have made us hate one another so much that we now have terrorism among us. These same religions claim to have emerged from same Father Abraham but see what they ended up doing, killing each other and fighting war 💣🔫.
Is this what we want for our unborn generations in Africa? .
Children of Africa, lets think oooo 🤔, even if we want to anchor to these religions, let us do it with sense, let us not continue to give in to their colonization and think God will not answer us unless we be Christians or Muslims. Let us not follow their Hate beliefs of killing each other and fighting each other all because they are both feeling Superior to each other. Children of Africa, let us not see each other through these religions, instead, let us see each other as people created on the African Continent by God and blessed by God.
The Arabs and the Jewish people  did not create us and does not have any power to determine how we seek our God, they didn't give us our natural resources and they are not us, same way we can never be them.😎
Wake up, children of Africa. 😨

Our forefathers had good mind for themselves, they never told us to fight each other and be enemies because one person is doing this religion and the other person doing another.

The biggest enemies in our world today are those among the Christians who hate Muslims and those among the Muslims who hate the Christians.
Is this the future we so look forward to for our posterity? .
We are losing who we are, please wake up Africans, let us stop Hating each other because of the religions the Arab and Jewish have brought to Africa.